Supporting 8 Not For Profit Organizations

Alvin Smolin, Sol Stein, Elaine Levitt etc.
Elaine Levitt
President, Board Of Directors

Alvin Smolin
Executive Vice President

Simon Taylor

Israel America Foundation-History & Services
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Upcoming Events
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Shalvat Chayim,providing counseling and residential housing

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Ben Gurion University Faculty of the Health Services, Department of the Aging

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Oranim (The Hebrew Name For Pine Trees) Academic College Of Education

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Lohomai Haghetaot (Ghetto Fighters House) & Yad Yaeled(The Museum Of The Child)

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The Be'er Sheba Foundation

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The Chaim Finkelstein Association

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Kibbutz Ginossar

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Major Donors

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Israel America Foundation's Seminars, Missions, & Trips

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Artist Dorothy Rice's Permanent Exhibition

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To contact the Israel America Foundation for purposes of Estate Planning, Wills, Educational Seminars, or Trips, please call or write:

Elaine Levitt, President
Israel America Foundation, Inc.
* New Adress* 108 West 39th Street
Suite #1001
New York, N.Y. 10018

phone (212) 869-9477 or toll free 1-800-401-9952 Fax (212) 869-9536
or Elaine Levitt

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