The Chaim Finkelstein Education and Heritage Center (CFEHC)

C.F.E.H.C is incorporated as a Not-For-Profit organization in israel with offices at the Yad Tabenkin Institute in Ramat Efal, Israel. Asher Porta, M.D. is the President of CFEHC.

The 'Chaym Finkelstein Education and heritage Center'(CFEHC) is an organization of volunteers. The Board of directors of CFEHC is made up of retired South American Professionals, secular and nationalistic, who are interested in absorbing South American Emigrants particularly as well as all diaspora jews to Israel, thereby giving them a Jewish way-of-life. CFEHC works especially hard with emigrants from Argentina, who are victims of dead-end anti-Semitism. (they will not be able to accomplish anything with their lives if they continue with their Jewish faith.) The members of the Board of the CFEHC feel very sympathetic to these young professionals. Asher Porat, M.D. understands this. Years earlier as a young man, he passed through the same difficult times. These young professionals are not allowed to practice Judaism, and are penalized for being jews.

CFEJC helps with the absorption of all Diaspora Jews, Russian jewis in particular. CFEHC Volunteers know that extricating a people from a country where there is not violent anti-Semitism is more than allowing jews open migration simply because they are jewish. Older Jews do not come alone. They are too entrenced, to make a change. They are also too afraid, since they have more to lose. Young professionals are more mobile and come on Visitor Visas" to Israel. However, these young professionals have to be assured that they will get comparable positions Israel or they won't leave the Country of their birth. It is hard even for younger people to give up the 'known' for the 'unknown'. Jobs have to be found for these people, roughly commensurate with the position that they are leaving, and it is nnot easy in a competitive enviornment like Israel to find a ready-made job! This is the mission that the F.F.E.J.C. has carved out for itself. If young professionals leave the country, their elders will follow; and the Jewish community can be saved. It takes time and patience buth CFHC needs increased funding to carry out the 'nitty-gritty' of getting a job-fit: 1) the new emigrants may have to learn Hebrew ; 2) get addtional money for traveling to find a job; 3) Job-traing; 4) living expenses etc. This takes funding. Most of the burden of funding falls on the volunteers who privately pay these expenses with their out-of-pocket contributions. They get some funds from the Government. However, they need additional funds. This is a great Mitzvah; to save Jewish Souls. I want to contribute to the Israel America Foundation for CFEJC! Please send check to israel America Foundation for Chaym Finkelstein Education and heritage Center or please call #212-869-9477

Concurrently, CFEHC works on strengthening the consciousness of Jewish Education in israel and The Diaspora.