Kibbutz Ginossar

Kibbutz Ginnosar is in Tiberius, Israel. Yigal Nagar, Moshe Awes and Alex Barak are contact persons. Tiberius is the oldest settlement of Jews in Israel. The Romans Vacationed in Tiberius in summer. Kibbutz Ginosar is located parallel to Lake Kinneret. The scenery is breathtaking. Walking to the land that the Kibbutz owns, you overlook beautiful, Lake Kinneret, but they do not have the funds. Today, most of the Kibbutzim are in financial difficulties.

Kibbutz Ginnosar owns and manages the largest Hotel of the Kibbutz Movement, "Hotel Nof Ginnosar". Tiberius is very close to Lebanon; and in the most recent war with Lebanon, the children of the Kibbutz were forced to stay in the bomb shelters for the entire length of the Lebanon war. And the bomb-shelters are not "child friendly'. It was very difficult for the children to remain there. Kibbutz Ginossar needs contributions to make the shelters livable for children. Unfortunately, for weeks after the Lebanon war, Israelis avoided Tiberius as a tourist spot. As you can well imagine, this hurt the Kibbutz financially.

Hotel Nof Ginossar & Yigal Allon Museum: Tourists vacationing in Tiberius stay at Hotel Nof Ginossar. Management of the Hotel Nof Ginossar is the main industry of Kibbutz Ginossar. The executives of the IAF, through t the contributions of hadassah Zweig, a member of the IAF Board, established two synagogues at the Kibbutz Ginossar, some 15 years ago, one in the Kibbutz, and the other in the Hotel. The Yigal Allon museum is on the premises of Kibbutz Ginossar. In addition to displaying the papers of Yigal Allon, a great patriot and member of the Labor Party; the museum houses the "Oldest Boat". This boat is sometimes called the "Jesus Boat". It was dredged up from Lake Kinneret after a storm. It dates from the time of Jesus some 2007 years ago.
Tree Planting The IAF has an arrangement with Kibbutz Ginossar in Tiberius regarding tree planting. Friends of the IAF can plant trees in the Palmach Grove (where a battle for the Independence of the State of Israel was fought in 1948) for $50 inscribed in Honor of, and in memeory of the distgnated individual in Hebrew and in English on a collective plaque. The trees are tagged in the name of the individual, and should an individual tree perish, another tree is planted in its stead. A few benches surround this area, contributed by Bella Markowicz, Friend of the IAF so that peple can sit and reflect on the trees and life.

Omanit is the craft-shop in Ginossar where Senior Citizens are bussed in from surrounding Kibbutzim. The Seniors work there on making crafts which are sold to tourists who visit Hotel Nof Ginossar. When the crafts are sold, the profits are divided between the workers. The Craftspeople treasure the money they earn which allows them independence in their elder years.

There is a "Nursing-Home" in Kibbutz Ginossar where the elderly of the Kibbutz reside. The Kibbutz takes care of its own. Contributions to the Kibbutz can be made by calling Israel America FOundation at (212) 869-9477 or send contributions by check made out to Israel America Foundation to the above adress.