Ben Gurion University/Faculty Of The Heath Sciences-Department Of The Aging

Ben Gurion University Faculty Of the Health Sciences, Center For Multidisciplinary Research in Aging, A not for profit organization in israel

Located in Be'er Sheva israel. Sara Carmel is the Director. The Center For Multi-disciplinary Research in Aging of Ben Gurion University/Faculty of the Health Sciences does research on important topics regarding aging in israel.

The Center does research as per the following:

Health & Welfare Services: Models of medical services for the elderly are examined & socio-demographic, and ethnic differences in geriatric rehabilitation in Day-Care Centers and Nursing Homes are explored. Survivors of the Holocaust make up a sizeable amount of the Senior Citizens of Israel.

Physical & Cognitive Capabilites of Senior Citizens: Learning cognition and Memory, visual and special attention, hearing, etc.

Frailty & Disease covering the medical spects of the senior citizen, such as hypertension, osteoporosis, arteriosclerosis, etc.

Nutrition Study of dietary habits of different ethnic and racial groups of elderly in the Negev Area, and the factors for nutritional deterioration in the elderly

Physiology and bioligy, etc: topic covers the physiology of the aging brain, the regulation of body temperature, etc.

Policies: such as the way that pension reform in Israel occurs, political parties made up primarily of elderly persons, policies and servies for the aging, etc.

Sociology of health and psychology: Coping with loss, coping with hip-fracture, stroke and death, etc.

Research has to be funded. In the Department of The Aging of Ben Gurion Univerisity , Senior Citizens would benefit by research in the aforementioned subjects. The senior citizen is becoming a growing Israeli political force; and these studies on aging are vital to the health of the Israeli people for years to come. Which of the above-mentioned projects, do you want to fund?

Contribute to research in these projects, by sending contributions to Israel America Foundation at 145 West 45th Street, Suite 604, New York, N.Y. 10036 or by calling IAF at (212) 869-9477 for further information.