Mishan: *Is the Hebrew Word for "Support"

Mishan was founded in 1931 (75 years ago) by activists of the Histadrut to help 200 unemployed workers

Mishan maintains children's villages

Some of the children who come to Mishan were physically or emotionally neglected or abused, some were removed from their homes by court order, some have disabilities or behavior problems

1.Alumni Village-Kfar Saba, Israel

(Last chance for Children at risk) established in 1942 (64 years ago) home for 250 children and youth aged 2-18 with traumatic family backgrounds. SOme were abused, neglected or orphaned, others have parents who are mentally ill. Alumni also operates a Day-Center which allows youths a chance to receive the necessary help while living at home while attending regular school.

2. Onim Village-Kfar Saba, Israel

Established in 1947, (59 years ago) now home for 200 children & youth for whom assimilation into society poses difficult challenges; hearing loss, learning disabilities, adjustment problems & behavior problems, victimes of abusive or neglectful homes. They helped absorb the wave of immigrants from Ethiopia in the 1980s.

3.Apple House- Gan Yavne, Israel

Established in 1954 (52 years ago) now home for 200 children and youth (age 2-18) who suffered from domestic violence and dispute. Through the years, thousands of Apple House graduates have served in the army and gone on to lead normal, stable lives as productive members of society.

For Israel's seniors Mishan Maintains

3,950 Israeli seniors are spending their senior years in Mishan's network of 10 residences for the elderly. The average life expectancy in Israel has been increasing; it now stands at 80 years for women and 76 years for men. The rapidly growing senior population makes geriatric problems, Mishan contributes to the study of age-related diseases and lobbies vigorously for the rights of seniors

Mishan's 10 Senior Citizens Residences

(1) Avot Hanegev Be'er Sheva

Most of the 384 residents of this facilty are Holocaust survivors. Habayit Bagan was built more than 3 decades ago

(3) Mishan Holon (herzfeld)
The first Nursing Home of Mishan was built in 1948. It houses 610 Senior Citizens. The original residents were veterans of the pre-state jewish Defense organization. Since then it has been home to thousands of independent seniors.

(4) Carmel Haifa
Established in 2956, Carmel is home to 304 retired residents from Haifa and Northern israel, many of them are from the Country's pioneering generation.

(5) Gonen Jerusalem
Gonen was established after the Six Day War in 1967 and renovated in 1993. Most of the 104 independent residents are from the Jerusalem area.

(6) Mishan Ra'anana (Polanski)
This is israel's largest and most advanced skilled nursing facility. Established in 1976, Mishan, Ra'anana cares for 572 seniors including Holocaust survivors and the mentally ill from all over Israel.