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Oranim:(The Hebrew Name For Pine Trees)Academic College Of Education (The Kibbutz Movement) M.P. Tivon 3600 Israel (near Haifa, israel).


Is the foremost Teacher’s College in Northern Israel, known for its outstanding academic training, granting bachelor and master degrees.

Founded in 1951 by the Kibbutz Movement, the college is fully accredited by the Israeli Council for Higher education and ranked the #1 Institution for studying Education in Israel.

*SEEKS AMERICAN GRADUATE STUDENTS for Summer 2015 To enter ORANIM Summer School for academic –teaching- credit andTo interact & interface with English-speaking global counterparts on a transnational basis.

A 3-Week Graduate Program @ $4,200 PER STUDENT (Does not include round-trip airline tickets)

Cost of the Program Includes: Tuition, food, Social, educational acitivities, and field study.


1. Judaism and Jewish Peoplehood—Past, Present, Future
Students interested in understanding and affiliating with the tradition and religion of their ancestors, preserving importance and relevance of Israel- Diaspora synergy and mutuality.

2. Global Jewish Leadership
Students interested in becoming leaders in their communities. This course deals with Leadership, in theory and practice, promoting dialogue between students from diverse backgrounds.

3. Jewish Education for the Next Generation
Students in education, teaching in different educational settings. This course provides educational tools, while acquainting students with issues and dilemmas in the field of Jewish education.

About the Oranim College Summer Semester While at Oranim College, accommodations will be available on campus in the dorms (or in kibbutzim near the Oranim campus), with both of the college’s two cafeterias providing kosher food. Cultural activities including museums, concerts, plays, as well as sports and gym facilities are available in nearby Tivon, Ramat Yishai, and Haifa.  The Galilee, with its pastoral setting and multi-cultural population, is an ideal setting for this program. Summer Semester 2015 in Israel is a three week program focusing on Jewish Peoplehood Education, with a dedicated segment devoted to Israel learning as a key component of the overall study environment. A recent report for the Avi Chai Foundation, (Hearts and Minds: Israel in North American Jewish Day Schools, Pomson, Wertheimer, Hacohen-Wolf, 2014) stressed that Israel education is best achieved through a deepening awareness of Jewish Peoplehood.

Enrollment in the Summer Semester at Oranim will be open to graduate students and educators at different points on their personal and professional trajectory, thus maximizing the opportunity for mutual learning and robust conversations. The summer seminar will provide the opportunity for individuals from diverse backgrounds to collaboratively participate in a productive and challenging educational endeavor together. Overseas students will have the opportunity to interact with Israeli students in a scholarly and experiential environment, while Israeli students will enjoy the chance to study alongside students from different parts of the world and engage in intellectual pursuits in English and Hebrew.

The courses will be informed by cutting edge educational theory, and faculty will include scholars and practitioners from Oranim and other institutions. The program is meant to expand the opportunities for academic learning based on classroom lectures and workshops as well as experiential opportunities in field study. It will also include opportunities for volunteering around Israel. Oranim's summer semester is a unique opportunity for those interested in education, Israel, and Jewish peoplehood.