Shalvat Chayim- Providing a home for those who have never been at home with themselves


Give to the ‘Israel America Foundation’ for Shalvat chayim: Israel America Foundation, 108 W. 39th Street, Suite 1001, NY,NY 10018 Shalvat Chayim is an Israeli Not For Profit Organization with group homes and Facilities in Jerusalem. Shalvat Chayim provides professional counseling, rehabilitation and supportive residential housing for children and adults suffering from: developmental, nervous, genetic and mental disorders. They are given: Family therapy, Counseling, consultation visits, Guidance

· Help dealing with various government office- funding, support- groups, Interaction with members of their family, who suffer from mental illness or emotional disorders. The people and children who find their home here have neurological and genetic problems such as autism, cerebral palsy, & Down’s-Syndrome & Mental illnesses: schizophrenia, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (O.C.D ) Paranoia, Bipolar Disorder (Maniac –Depression) Chronic Clinical Depression

Founded in 1978 by Nissim Edery, a former Army Officer and University Professor at Bar Ilan University- did pioneering work with soldiers who suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Rav Edery pioneered the removal of soldiers from hospitals and put them in residential environments for a superior quality of life. His son, Rav Yossi Edery, is the current director of Shalvat Chayim. He assumed this position after returning from Toulouse France where he served for 6 years as a Rabbinical Judge

Shalvat Chayim has developed a unique program to return dignity to people who have been written off by society. With a staff of highly trained professionals, they achieve levels of independence they could never have imagined possible. Each patient is treated with a personally tailored program. Many of these men have been in and out of hospitals. They are given a life in the community, each according to his abilities. They have created a personal plan suited to their needs.

Dr. Herschel Fried, psychologist & special Education expert had a mission to set up a home and school for children. He started with one person. He found Mrs. Naomi Rubinstein-to take care of one child suffering from a combination of developmental disabilities and severe mental disorders. The staff of Shalvat Chayim today is a team of psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists, Head Nurse, and chef. The -children suffer from a combination of developmental disabilities, Autism, Cerebral- Palsy, and Down’s Syndrome. The Chief Psychologist is Tamir Shefer. Rabbi Israel Ettinger, is the Director of Shalvat Chayim, who brings some of these youngsters, himself, to Israel.

The majority of residents come from overseas. Virtually, the entire staff speaks English. Individual therapy sessions are now conducted in English, group therapy sessions are in both English and Hebrew. Shalvat Chayim offers both temporary quarters to individuals in need of emergency care and long-term care.

The young Adult Rehabilitation Program deals with substance abuse- Young adults-work and study. There are education-group sessions, recreational activities-gymnastics, swimming and trips-and-work-study program Young adults are housed in supportive apartments and foster homes, both in the city and rural locations. Several of the teens live on a small farm situated in the Jerusalem forest They have: · several animals to care for · Chores to do · Opportunities to fix and build up the farm Therapeutic program molded for each individual

Projects to contribute for: Please call Israel America Foundation at (212) 869-9477 for further information: · Adopt a Child or Adult: Per annum, living in a group home with medical and psychological supervision Food, clothing & Medication $4,500-$36,000 for the year. Become a: · ‘Life-Saving’ Supporter……………… · Monthly ‘Physical Therapy and Medication Sponsor’……. · Monthly’ Foreign Resident Sponsor …….. · ‘Child’ Sponsor…………………………… · Yearly ‘outpatient cost’ sponsor………… · Yearly ‘food & Clothing’ sponsor……… . · Yearly ‘Medication sponsor’…………… · Yearly ‘ medication & Psychological’ Sponsor……………………………… … · Yearly’Foreign Resident’Sponsor………. ‘Walkway’ Dedication ‘Garden’ Dedication “Group Home Annex” Ded. ‘Dorm –Room’ Dedication. “Single Building” Dedication ‘Kitchen’ Dedication ‘Ambulance(Van)Dedication’ ‘Group Center Dedication’ (Those with Destructive Behaviors) ‘Recreation’ “Physical Therapy Room Dedication”