The Israel America Foundation's History

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The Israel America Foundation Inc is an American 501(c) 3 Not for Profit Corporation, founded in October 1995. The Israel America Foundation raises funds through outright-Giving and planned giving methods through Charitable Trusts, Wills and Living-Trusts. The Israel America Foundation raises funds primarily for the Not-For Profit Organizations of Israel established by the Founding Organization of Israel; The Hstadut, Mishian, Amal, and the Kibbutzim..

In the United States the Israel America Foundation sponsors programs and seminars for predominantly senior citizens that deal with the problems of Senior Housing, Nursing Homes, Hospices, etc and legal instruments such as "Disability Trusts" Living-Wills with Health Care Proxies, and Last Wills and Testaments and Living Trusts. These are The Israeli Not-For-Profits IAF Supports

(1) Ben Gurion University Faculty of the Health Sciences Faculty of the Health Care Sciences, Dept of the aging, Be'er Sheva, Israel Promotes studies on the aging population of Israel in Medicine, Cience, archaeology, psychology, psychaitry, sociology, etc in conjunction with the Soroka Medical Center, largest Medical Center in the Negev.

(2) Lohamei Haghetaot (Ghetto Fighter's Museum), Haifa. Survivors of the Polish-Warsaw Ghetto established Lohamei Haghetaot on their Kibbutz. THe Museum is for everyone, but especially for soldiers and children, teaching groups to understand the experience of the "Six Million" who were brutally murdered.

(3) Oranim Academic College Of the Kibbutz Movement, Haifa, Oranim educates teachers to teach Jewish Identitiy in israel and the Diaspora. Oranim certifies teachers with Bachelors and Master's Degrees to teach all subjects including secular Judaism.

(4) Chaim Finkelstein Assoc., Ramat Efal. The Association run by retired Israeli Professionals to help absorb Jewish professionals into Israel from South America. Chaim Finkelstein was an Argentine-Zionist who believed in Aliyah to Israel. he thought that if young professionals are absorbed, the older middle-classes will follow.

(5) Diskin Orphans' Home , Jerusalem. Orphans, who lost two parents, or one parent, request Diskin's help. Orphans not given funds; but their bills are paid in a neat, effective, non=hurtful manner. Diskin owns property in Jerusalem near the Wall & rents out property for funds that pay the bills of needy orphans. Diskin proects orphans until 22 yrs of age.

(6) Amal Technical Schools , Tel Aviv.- A Network of over 180 Trade-Schools (High-Schools & Colleges). IAF sponsors remedial-training for "Girls at Risk" in Amal Trade-schools who have "Dropped-out" of H.S. School before finishing. This program is run by the israeli Government, the Army, and Amal. IAF also sponsors the rescue of the Ultra Orthodox Drop-Outs in Amal Trade School in Jerusalem, for Boys (Amalewu) and Girls (TLAMIM).

(7) Mishan, Tel Aviv, Childrens Villages- closed Communities of Children at Risk" in dormitory set-up. No "foster-HOmes" in Israel. Mishan maintains three "villages" containing children ages (7-17). 600 Children. Children go to local schools, are raised by Social-Work Interns, acting as surrogate Parents. Senior Citizen Centers:Network of 10 subsidized senior Centers which includes 4000 people. Many survivors of the Holocaust live there. "polsky Geriatric Center" is the only Skilled-Nursing Home in Israel. Mishan Houses independent, frail ind incompetent seniors; in the finest Group Homes in Israel.

(8) Kibbutz Ginossar, Tieberius. IAF plants trees in commemoration. Treese are tagged. Sale of Art-Work made in workshop on kibbutz by artisans living in area kibbutzim & sold in Hotel Figt Shop. Ginossar has the largest Hotel of Kibbutz Movement on its premises.

Please call Elaine Levitt, President of the Israel America Foundation at (212) 869-9477 to set up an Appointment to talk about the Charitable Annuity Trust.

Charitable Annuity Trust

" Establish an income for Yourself And Your Beneficiary"

For a contribution of $2,500 and denomiations of multiples of this sum, an individual trust can be set up by the Israel America Foundation to give you fixed, high-secure annual income on the basis of age that can be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually throughout the lifetime of the donor and/or the survivor beneficiary.

If you contribute appreciated security or stock, you can assign the stock to the "Israel America Foundation" and we will sell it in our name, and you will avoid the Capital Gains Tax.Then we will establish a charitable annuity trust in your name.

Right after the maturity of the Trust, the principal amount ot the annuity will be given to the IAF to support grants for 8 Israeli Charities.

Please Note:

20 Year All-Occasion Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust

"Give Your Children Or Grandchildren A Gift They Will Treasure For Years"

Celebrate a Holiday, Birthday, Bar or Bat Mitzvah with a Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust!

For a contribution of only $2000, your children or grandchildren can receive an annual income of $150.00 for 20 years.

After you establish an annuity, a reminder letter including a check for $150.00 will arrive in the recipient's mailbox; both announcing the gift and informing them that the annuity is given in your name.

Please Note: