Educational And Cultural Events

(Award Ceremony) featuring Alvin Smolin, Rabbi Meyer Leifer, and Elaine Levitt
"Expand your mind through educational seminars or performances of song and celebration"

The Israel America Foundation is proud to present the following annual events:


Cultural Events

Annual Missions To Israel

Elaine Levitt & Tour Group in Tel Aviv, Israel
Visit Israel For:

Annual trips to Israel to sightsee in Israel and to visit Clalit facilities.

Israel America foundation combines trips to Israel with the Jewish Heritage of another country such as Hungary, Prague, Italy, Spain, Jordan, Egypt, etc.

To find out when our latest annual mission will be call #212-869-9477

Trips To Florida And The Catskills

Trips To The kosher Saxony In Florida- Are usually scheduled for February.

Trips To The Kutshers Hotel In The Catskills-Are usually scheduled for August.

* Please contact the Israel America Foundation for details on all trips