What better way to memorialize a loved one than with the planting of a tree in Israel?

For a donation of $100, The Israel America Foundation will plant a tree for a family member or friend on the occasion of birth, death (in memory of), marriage or Bar/Bas Mitzvah.

How?... Step 1 pick the site of your tree:

You choose the site of the tree in Palmach-Grove of Kibbutz Ginossar in tiberius Israel. The Kibbutz has a museum which houses “The Jesus Boat”- an ancient craft dredged up from Lake Kinneret at the time of Christ. Also on show is Yigal Allon’s Papers (an important official at the time Israel Became a State).

Step 2 Include your name, honorees name, occasion, and list the Individual who was instrumental in having the donor make the contribution.

list The individual who made the contribution is named on a Plaque as well as the person, whose is responsible for the generous action on the part of the Donor. SAMPLE: IN THE NAME of: Joe Reynolds ON THE OCCASION Of__Cindy Reynolds______ BIRTH Or IN MEMORY OF:_________ _____________________________ _________………….on the occasion of Bar Mitzvah, ETC._________________ D A T E BY:_____John Smith______________________________ IN HONOR OF:____Steven Smith________________________ For $100, your tree is planted, mapped, and a Collective Plaque affixed. The Plaque is written in English and in Hebrew; and should the tree die another tree is planted in its stead.

Step 3 One Day Travel To Israel To See The Tree You Planted And The Memories You Created

To donate a tree today: Contact Elaine Levitt directly at: 212) 869-9477; Fax #212-869-9536 or through email at iafound@msn.com Thank you for your support! *The Israel America Foundation Inc is an American 501(c) 3 Not for Profit Corporation, founded in October 1995.